Our Materials

Transparent Sleeves

storage.boutique has developed an innovative new, lightweight three layer, acid free, archive standard sleeve specifically sized for various collectables. They are manufactured here in the UK to our own exact specifications, from three different layers of very high quality biaxial-oriented polypropylene (BOPP).

The outer layer is low density coated on the outside to retard the harmful effect of ultra-violet light. The middle layer is a dense core giving strength which prevents tearing but as the material is biaxal-oriented it retains the extreme clarity for decades. The inside layer is untreated and inert, which ensures that the sleeves are completely acid free on contact with your precious collectable.


Our sleeves are sealed at the edge by compression and ultrasound, meaning that they fit neatly around your collectable putting the focus on the contents.

If you have previously stored paper-based items in hard plastic sleeves, albums or even polypockets you will know how they dull over time, degrade, and allow the ink on your collectable to fade through exposure to ultra-violet light damage.

The result of all this technology is a new, unique way of storing your archive or collection for a very long time, reducing hard plastic usage, and enhancing the display quality of the contents – and thereby possibly the value of your collection.



We design our own envelopes to exactly fit the collectable or archive item. We only use known UK manufacturers who can certify that the paper and any other material is acid free and archive standard. We do not print on our envelopes due to the fact that ink does not last well exposed to ultra violet light and the slight gases that may be emitted from print may harm the storage environment in which the item is kept.