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Comics & Magazines

By definition, comics and magazines have vibrant art covers designed to attract the attention. When we decided to manufacture our archive standard sleeves for this media, we deliberately sized the sleeves to fit neatly against the edges of the comic or magazine and we made the three densities of our archive film most suit the crystal clear clarity that collectors will want to display the contents to the highest possible standard.

Most comic books and magazines come packed in low grade polythene that dulls over time, or even degrades. sleeves do not. So whether you are a collector or a dealer, you will note how displaying your item in our sleeve, adds instant perceived value and desirability.

We also know that when you buy, you want to feel assured that the sleeve will fit your collectable EXACTLY. So, rather than specify only mm sizes, we also give examples of the type of comic or magazine that the sleeve will fit. In this way, you may be reassured regarding the size of the sleeve.