Top Tips

Tips on Storage, Preservation, and Protection:

• Store your paper collectable using only branded sleeves as these are guaranteed archive safe;

• Always lay your collectable flat - never stand precious collectable upright in albums or binders, as gravity stress over time, can deteriorate weaker materials;

• Place your collectable (in our sleeve) flat in a dark box, on a flat surface, away from bright light;

• Never store in a polypocket as these are made from plastic and will deteriorate and degrade your paper collectable very quickly;

• Never place your collectable in a sleeve with a card backing such as a laminated “Board” as chemical treatments on these materials give off gas that can affect your collectable.

• If you are index labelling your collectable, write on the label before sticking it to the outside of the sleeve. Do not stick a label to the inside of the sleeve.