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PHOTOGRAPH Protection Sleeves

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Here we offer many sizes of different sizes of photograph protection sleeves.

Our sleeves are designed to hold photographs of the inches sizes shown. The external dimensions of the sleeves are In mm as follows:

3.5 x 2.5 inches, 95 x 75 mm, 50 sleeves
5 x 3.5 inches, 130 x 92 mm, 50 Sleeves
Small, 150 x 100 mm, 50 Sleeves
6 x 4 Inches, 155 x 105 mm, 50 Sleeves
6 x 5 inches, 159x130 mm, 50 Sleeves
7 x 5 inches, 181 x 130 mm, 50 Sleeves
8 x 6 inches, 207 x 156 mm, 50 Sleeves
9 x 7 inches, 230 x 180 mm, 50 Sleeves
10 x 7 inches, 257 x 181 mm, 50 Sleeves
10 x 8 inches,  257 x 207 mm, 50 Sleeves
12 x 8 inches, 308 x 207 mm, 40 Sleeves
12 x 9 inches, 308 x 230 mm, 50 Sleeves
12 x 10 inches, 308 x 257 mm, 50 Sleeves

We also make sleeves to hold standard A sizes, with external dimensions as follows

A4, 300 x 214 mm, 40 Sleeves
A5, 213 x 151 mm, 50 Sleeves
A6, 151 x 108 mm, 50 Sleeves
A7, 111 x 80 mm, 100 Sleeves

The sleeves open at the short size and your photograph slides simply and easily in, to provide a lovely transparent, snug fitting protection for decades to come. 

Key Product Features

  • Acid Free, Archive Standard, Protective Sleeves
  • New Technology 3-Layer Dense, Lightweight Material
  • Crystal clear - does not dull over time
  • Strong, dense, lightweight - will not scratch or bend photographs on insertion or removal
  • Discount given for multiple purchases - simply click "buy in bulk and save"

Materials proprietary acid free, inert, biaxial oriented polypropylene, manufactured in the UK with three density layers. The outside layer is coated to retard damage by ultra violet light, the middle layer is dense to provide strength and moisture protection,  and the inner layer is uncoated to ensure acid free contact with the contents. Our sleeves do not dim or degrade over decades.

For more details on our archive standard materials - click the heading "Our Materials" in the menu above.

All orders before 2pm are sent the same day. We now also despatch around midnight for collection first thing the following morning.

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Photographs for sleeves


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